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Festival Quizzes for Kids

So you think you know the diverse festivals the world celebrates? Find out how much you know about Christmas, Eid, Holi, and other festivals and rituals around the world.

Christmas all the Way

Long months of waiting and Christmas is back again bringing gifts, joy and excitement. So while this spirit is on, try out our quiz to see how much you know about this festival.

India Quiz : Holi’s Here!

It's known as the festival of colours and is made up of a fascinating mix of legends and celebrations from different parts of India. Care to follow the coloured trail?

India Quiz : Ritual Occasions

The first two weeks of April have one festival or religious occasion following another. How many of them do you know about?

Eid Mubarak

A 30-day wait for Muslims finally culminates into Eid-ul-Fitr. Try this simple quiz to know more about this festive day.


How Do Fish Survive in Icy Waters?

In cold winter months, lakes and rivers freeze over forming ice. Yet, fish and other aquatic animals manage to survive.Animals like seals, penguins, walruses...

How do Ducks Stay in Water and not Get Wet?

When you get out of the swimming pool or bathtub, you are soaking wet. Had you been a duck, you would be swimming in...

Abdul Kareem’s Forest

A lush green forest in the middle of a rocky wasteland. No, this paradise is not an illusion. Abdul Kareem has created it with...

How Far Away are the Stars?

The sun is a star, just like the thousands of others we see in the sky each night. But it looks so very big....

How do Satellites Stay Up?

Satellites orbit the earth because of the force of gravity. To understand why this happens and why the satellite does not get pulled in...