About Pitara.com

For over 20 years (we started publishing in 1998) Pitara has been creating, distributing & licensing multi-cultural content for children to discover the simple joys of learning and exploring.

All those years ago it was started not by an entrepreneur in search of a big business hit. But by a parent trying to solve a personal challenge of finding original kids’ content, that was not only ‘fun’ but also in tune with multi-cultural & secular values. Pitara was a byproduct of a relationship between a child and a father.

Some 18-years later, as the child has gone to college but the idea of Pitara endures. In the early days we used to say that Pitara stands for –> kiDs :: vAlue :: fUn. Much has changed in the intervening years but our core beliefs have remained the same.

Universal global language
We receive millions of visitors from over 225 countries

Over the years many wonderful people have worked with us, influenced us, supported us, and partnered with us. Some have moved on. While others continue to be part of the journey. You can read more about some of these wonderful people here.

When we started out, dial-up internet was the norm and Google was still in a lab in Stanford. We have seen the internet evolve significantly. We have seen businesses ideas and fads come and go while we continue to solider on. In the nineties we clearly had the ‘early-mover’ advantage, but interestingly it is still lonely out here. Why? Perhaps because creating high-quality content for children and giving it away for free on the internet is not a very wise business strategy.

So why do we keep doing it? Because there is a need for it. And because we are not set up as a ‘standard’ business enterprise. Profit, for us, is one repercussions of good work done by fulfilled people.

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