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So you think you know the world around you?

So you think you know the world around you? Find out if you know its rivers, currencies, natural wonders, architectural wonders and much more. Try some of these Quizzes about geography and find out!

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Earth Quiz: Animals & Birds

Cars can be fun and they can be good to learn.

The Green Land

Their green gives a shade of happiness to our planet. Know more about the fascinating world of plants that exist around us.

Waters of Civilisation

Cities and countries have a deep relationship with the rivers and seas that they are flanked by. See how many of them you can identify.

Know your World-2

Which is the Land of the Thunderbolt and which is the Land of Cakes? Take a trip around the world in this quiz.

Earthshaking Terms

It’s a quiz about some of the terms that we hear and read about almost everywhere when an earthquake rocks the world.

Rivers of the World

Go on a journey down the might rivers of the world?


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