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Marine Militants: Bioinvasion propagated through Cargo Ships

Marine Militants: Bioinvasion propagated through Cargo Ships

What would happen if all the lions in Africa are carried away to some other place? The deer population will rise as there will not be anyone to kill them. With this population boom, the deer would need more food. After a point, there will no grass left to feed subsequent generations. This would lead to the destruction of the entire ecosystem which thrives and sustains itself on the grass. And the grasslands will turn into a desert....

Dangerous Red Tide in HongKong

Sea beaches around HongKong have a problem. They regularly face the threat of a ‘Red Tide’. The ‘Red Tide’ kills fish in sea farms and in the open seas. Actually, the ‘Red Tide’ is reddish brown algae that floats on water near the coastline. It enters the gills of the fish swimming about in the sea and kills them. The gills are like noses of the fish. They help the fish breathe. When the algae enters the gills, it creates havoc....

Underwater Terminator

It is not an animal or disease. It is a collective name given to plants, which live underwater. Algae do not have specialised body parts such as roots, stems and leaves. They range in size from very tiny cells to 30 metre long weeds. A special characteristic of algae is that they multiply very fast. Underwater Terminator [Illustration by Kusum Chamoli] US researchers recently identified the algae, which has caused large-scale destruction of European sea habitats – almost 4,050 hectares of sea habitats along the Mediterranean coast, according to a report in ‘Down To Earth’ magazine....

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