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Ruff and Kabir

Ruff and Kabir

Ruff was everyone’s favourite. Three feet tall and four feet long, sparkling eyes, moist nose, a lovely shade of brown and so cuddly. He was the loveliest German Shepherd anyone had seen. Ruff went to the park every evening with Tanya and her Grandpa. And all the children would be waiting for him there. “Ruff’s come!” they would all shout and rush to hug and pat him. Ruff loved the attention he got. Very willingly he would take toddler Kanishka on his back for a joy ride....

The King who Played Marbles

The little kingdom was plunged in darkness. There were no festivities, no sounds of music or laughter. Grief was writ large on the faces of the people and the lamps in the palace burned low. Outside the curtained bedroom of the young ruler, the men and women who worked for him stood and sat in anxious postures, full of sorrow. Many were weeping softly. The king was ill. He was on his deathbed. The short illness that had struck so suddenly but a week before, had been pronounced beyond treatment by the doctors who had come their heads together and tried every possible medicine… but death was stronger than their medical knowledge....

Marbles Teach

Marbles Teach

A moving object transfers its force to the second object and itself comes to rest. Did you understand that? No? But you will once you play this little game with marbles. The things you need: Clay or plasticine Broomstick Marbles Step 1: Take two broomsticks and bend them around two centimetres in the centre. Marbles Teach [Illustrations by Shinod AP] Step 2: Seal the ends with clay or plasticine and apply some in the centre for support....

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