Bookmarks are very easy to make and you can make use of the things lying at your home.

The things you need:

  1. Old greeting card.
  2. Crayons.
  3. Pencil and eraser.
  4. Scissors.

Step 1 Take an old greeting card. On the inside, draw a carrot on it. Now cut it in the same shape. Use a greeting card that is made of thick paper so that your bookmark does not fold or crack easily.

Step 2 To make a colourful bookmark, use paints, crayons or colour pencils on the plain side of the card. You can even write your name on it.

Bookmarks [Illustration by Jaykrit]
Bookmarks [Illustration by Jaykrit]

Even if you were to turn the bookmark over you will find an attractive pattern on the other side. This way, you have a two-in-one bookmark.

If you have some silken thread or tassels, you could use them to decorate the book mark further.

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