Decorations for a Christmas tree can all be made at home, with simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-find things like threads and ribbons, sweets, old bulbs, empty matchboxes and lots of popcorn. Here are some of the things you should collect to get your tree going.

1. Christmas tree

2. Coloured paper (preferably one that shines)

3. Popcorn

Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
4. Paints and paint brush

5. Scissors, thread, cotton and ribbons.

6. Sweets, discarded bulbs and empty match boxes.

Step 1: Get a christmas tree or any other tree that resembles it. This is what was available to us.

Step 2: Cut coloured paper in strips and put them all around the tree.

Step 3: Paint the popcorns and then string them in a thread. You can also hang them individually.

Step 4: Create little gifts. Wrap the match boxes with coloured paper. Tie a bow with ribbons or wool.

Hang the sweets, boxes, popcorns with the help of thread. Use cotton to give the snowy effect. You can make stars out of paper and decorate them too.

For making stars click here

This is how we think you can decorate the Chirstmas tree but if you have more ideas then go ahead with them and tell us too.