Game of Shapes [Illustration by Jaykrit]
Game of Shapes [Illustration by Jaykrit]

If there is a party in your house then you can make a game yourself and play it with everyone.

The things you need:

  1. Coloured paper (Any two colours).

  2. Adhesive.

  3. Scissors.

  4. White card sheet.

Step 1 Take the two sheets of different colours (blue and pink). Place them on top of each other and cut out at least 15 shapes. You can make any shape: triangle, square, T-shape or even a tree shape. Try to make the shapes as different as possible.

Step 2 Take a white card sheet. Stick all the shapes of one colour (blue) on this sheet. If all the shapes do not fit on one sheet then use another one.

Step 3 Keep the shapes of the other colour (pink) in an envelope. Now you are ready with the game. Take out the shapes from the envelope and see how fast you can match them with the shapes on the card sheet. Paste the shapes in order to avoid confusion.

For a party you can make a few sets like this and also organise a competition.

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