The name of Hanuman makes us think of sheer physical strength. The club was the dreaded weapon with which this faithful devotee of Rama defeated his enemies. So, here’s a chance to make your own club and have a swinging time during Dussehra.

Papier mache Club [Illustrations by Shiju George]
Papier mache Club [Illustrations by Shiju George]

You will need:

Balloon, waste paper, adhesive, chart paper, blade and paints.

Step 1: Mix the adhesive with water and make it watery. Tear the waste paper into small pieces – one inch long and one inch wide. Blow the balloon and stick the paper pieces on it.

Step 2: Stick at least six to seven layers of paper on the balloon.

Step 3: Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4: After the layers have dried and hardened, make a hole in the stiffened paper and burst the balloon with a pin and take it out.

Step 5: Roll the chart paper and insert it inside the hole, to make the handle. The club is complete now. You may paint it in any colour – from golden yellow to a rainbow of shades. Action!

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