You will need:
A darning needle.
A reel of strong thread.
Peanuts in the shell (at least 13, of different sizes).
Paint, paint brushes, glue, scissors, wool for hair, 3 lollipops, icecream sticks or twigs.

Thread the needle and make a large knot in the end. To make the head and body, thread three long peanuts on to the length of thread. (You may need to twist the needle a bit to get it through the shell). Leave a long thread above the head. To make the hands, arms, and legs, string long and small peanuts to the body as shown.

Peanut Puppets
Peanut Puppets []
Remember to tie knots in the thread so that the peanuts won’t fall off.

Paint the puppet, and leave it to dry. Glue wool on the head to make hair. Leave the long thread above the head free of hair and glue.

Make the control stick by gluing three sticks together as shown. Attach the control threads as shown. Tie the hands to the front cross-piece and the feet to the back. Tie the head to the centre control stick. Dab glue on to the control stick where the threads are tied. This will stop the threads from slipping.