Best Day of the Term [Illustration by Navin Pangti]
Best Day of the Term [Illustration by Navin Pangti]

As I sat down to work out a page of sums on the first school day of 2001, I couldn’t help but think of that lovely day, the best day of the term, just three weeks ago.

“Surbhi, give me your number! Hey, Aradhana! Wait for me, will you? Seen the ice cream man?”

It was the last day of school before the winter vacations. There was chaos everywhere. Children were exchanging phone numbers and telling each other their plans for the holidays. To top it all, teachers were shouting at the students to keep quiet.

I pulled my best friend, Eva, out of the crowd and ran with her to a corner of the school. We exchanged a few secrets, as we would not be meeting each other for a long time. We shared

aloo ka paratha and chocolate cake as we told each other our plans for the winter vacations.

I looked at my list of plans – sleeping after watching a nice movie and waking up late is the first point on my list. I called out to Eva. My mother and I were going to visit my father, who is posted near the border. When Christmas will be nearing, I’ll take the Christmas tree out of the trunk and decorate it. I’ll leave some biscuits and a glass of water for tired Santa. And last, but not the least, I’ll have to study. Probably for about an hour or two every day.

Anyway, why look at the negative points? Let’s look at the positive points, I lectured Eva. We climbed into our bus and sang Jog along the donkey to Bethlehem all the way.

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