Noopurmadhuri Tijare is studying in the sixth class at Mahila Samaj Primary School at Bhandara.

My fast friend in the class. .

She is a very different kind of girl. She never dropped her first position in the class.

Rani [Illustration by Anup Singh]
Rani [Illustration by Anup Singh]

Her general awareness is very good.

She is a good dancer and very good painter.

She always tries to help others. .

A few days back we were shocked when she announced that she was going to put a stall in Anand Mela during the Sharda Utsav.

When we went in Anand Mela we saw plenty of crowd in her stall. Rani was very busy with the customers.

What was there?

Greeting cards!

Yes. Rani was selling the greeting cards which she had made.

The cards were very beautiful. Every body was appreciating the efforts she put to make the cards.

But why she had done this?

She replied humbly that she is going to distribute the Phataka’s (fire crackers) and sweets to the poor kids in the city who are not able to enjoy the Deepawali.

She had decided to distribute the sweet in the boys of Anathashram (orphanage).

We are proud of our friend – Rani.

Really, Rani is a great RANI (this is a pun on the word ‘rani’ which means queen in Hindi).

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