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Flying Dogs and School-going Monkeys
Flying Dogs and School-going Monkeys []
Flippi the Flying Pup
Squiggly goes for a Picnic
Lippo goes to a Party
Cheeko and the School Bag

Written by Deepa Agarwal
Illustrations by Atanu Roy and Deshraj
Published by Frank Educational Aids Pvt. Ltd.

Heard of Flippi the doggie-bird? Flippi is the dog who knows how to fly. Or, take Cheeko the monkey, who loves mangoes and goes to school, Squiggly the worm who’s a little untidy. Or Lippo the Hippo, who goes to the deer’s birthday party.

Flippi, Cheeko, Squiggly and Lippo are the heroes of a series of picture books, written by Deepa Agarwal. You can read them aloud to your younger brother or sister. The happy colourful illustrations by Atanu Roy and Deshraj, will bring a wide smile to your face.

The “hero” of each story is caught in a situation. How she or he deals with it is the interesting part. And, in the process, he makes you realise the importance of certain feelings.

In ‘Cheeko and the School Bag’, you will learn about fun and friendship in school, through the antics of Cheeko the monkey.

‘Flippi and the Flying Pup’ is about “doggiebird” Flippi who has a series of adventures when she decides to leave the home to explore the world outside only to realise that while wings may be wonderful things to have, home is a good place after all.

Sqiggly the snail in ‘Squiggly Goes for a Picnic’, too, learns a similar lesson when he runs off from home to avoid cleaning his room, but comes back from his adventure much the wiser.

An excerpt from the book:

He nibbled at the sandwiches, “Yumm!”
At the cake, “Yumm-licious!”
At the apples, “Scrunch!”
But his greedy tummy said, “More, more!”
Squiggly saw a salt shaker.
“Let’s try this, tummy,” he said.
He pushed the salt shaker.
And split the salt on his tail!
“Ow-w!” His tail began to tingle.
“Ooo-eee!”His tail began to burn.
“Aaa-aagh!” His tail began to melt!

‘Lippo Goes to a Party’ has Lippo going to her friend Dizzy Deer’s birthday party, and saves her friend as well as her family from being eaten up by Kreaky the Crocodile.

The books belong to the Bunny series published by Frank Educational Aids Pvt. Ltd.