The Adventures of Clifford []
The Adventures of Clifford []

Clifford the Small Red Puppy
Clifford Grows Up
Clifford takes a Trip

Written by Norman Birdwell

Pictures by Norman Birdwell
Published by Scholastic Inc. Ltd.

The three charming picture-books tell the story of the reddest, biggest dog in America, Clifford.

Clifford the Small Puppy is the story of Clifford, the tiniest puppy who grows up to be the largest dog ever seen. He belongs to the kindly Emily Elizabeth, who loves him dearly.

In Clifford Grows Up, Emily Elizabeth narrates Clifford’s transformation, from the tiny little runt who drinks from the doll’s bottle, wears the doll’s clothes and rides in an electric toy car, to the enormous dog he is.

But at heart, Clifford remains the same lovable, affectionate creature he was as a baby. In Clifford takes a Trip, Emily Elizabeth has her summer holidays and goes on a camping trip with her parents. Because mom and dad say it is too far for Clifford to walk, they do not take him along. They leave him with a neighbour instead.

But how can Clifford think of staying without Emily Elizabeth? So he sets off on an exciting adventure to look for her and her parents.

Clifford’s sweet adventures are described in simple text with delightful and bright illustrations to accompany them.

217 words | 2 minutes
Readability: Grade 7 (12-13 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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