On that day everything went wrong,

I fell on the ground with a “BONG”!

I hurt my elbows and knees

And misplaced my cupboard keys.

I dreamt of a horrible ghost,

At breakfast I burnt my toast.

I couldn’t find my tie, I couldn’t find my shirt

And when I did find it, it was covered in dirt!

I came to know, when I heard the clock’s chime

That I had lost control of time.

It was past six fifteen,

O, How stupid I had been!

On that very day, I missed my bus

And then I made a pretty good fuss!

I just didn’t want to go to school,

But as a rule, I was called a fool!

When I got to school, it was then I realised

The Day Everything Went Wrong [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
The Day Everything Went Wrong [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

I had forgotten to do the work assigned!

In vain, I asked to be excused,

Obviously, I was refused!

I was badly given a whack on my back,

I thought it made the scale almost crack.

But that wasn’t the end, there was more, wait!
Between sobs, I cursed my fate!

My teacher classified good girls & bad girls,
And then she threw abuses in hurls!

When I was almost woebegone

She stopped by calling me a ‘moron’!

She asked me to go and sit in my place,

To tie my lace and wipe my face!

I sat on the chair with a sudden jerk

And quietly went on with my work.

During breaktime, I realised I was broke,

Now I couldn’t have a hot dog or a coke!

What is the use of a recess?

If you are stupid enough to be so careless!

Alas! I was back in my house,

But suddenly I felt as quiet as a mouse!

Then, I knew my parents weren’t at home

Perhaps, they had gone to Rome!

My mummy had left on the fridge a note,

“Will be back soon. Don’t worry,” to quote

Now, I’ll have to wait for mummy,

Till then how will I comfort my tummy?

I opened the fridge and found nothing,

My stomach wouldn’t stop groaning for anything!

“Give me some food”, I prayed to the Lord

I could even eat a bitter gourd!

I sat in front of the idiot box,

And felt as hungry as fox.

T.V wasn’t help, someone come to my rescue

I know you are wishing that this wasn’t true!

As a matter of fact, if you didn’t know

I will tell you the reason that is the cause of my foe!

Sitting with a belly that is completely empty,

The feeling is similar to that of cracked Humpty Dumpty!

Alas! My mummy came, o, how I blessed her

Just as I thought, she had gone to the grocer!

She bought me some lemonade and also a treat,

I just couldn’t believe it as I sat down to eat!

So, that’s it my friends, that is the end

After my lunch, I went straight down to bed!

Nothing happened more,

Nothing I could not have borne!

So, just in case your day turns bad,

Don’t make a long face and become sad!

You will see, that the best remedy,

Is to cheer up your minds and remember me!

544 words | 5 minutes
Readability: Grade 4 (9-10 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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