Where: Shijiazhuang, China

January 22, 2009 : The Sanlu Group is the largest producer of baby milk powder in China. The toxic substance melamine, which is used in the manufacture of resins, was added to raw milk so that it would appear to be higher in protein content. Six babies died as a result of drinking the milk and around 300,000 more took ill in September 2008. Around 900 tonnes of contaminated milk left the Sanlu dairies with the knowledge of the top management.

Tian Wenhua, chairwoman of the Sanlu Group, was given a life sentence and fined 20m yuan ($2.9m), while cattle farmer Zhang Yujun and milk trader Geng Jinping were sentenced to death by the Intermediate People’s Court on Thursday, January 22, 2009.

The victims of this heartless fraud were babies. The trial took place in Shijiazhuang in northern China on Thursday. Families protested outside the courthouse and many said that punishments should have been more harsh.

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