Gijubhai Badheka was deeply influenced by ancient Indian methods of teaching and opposed the conventional schooling system. He speaks of his views on improving the education system in his books ‘Divaswapna’ or daydreaming, and ‘Education in Primary Schools’.

Gijubhai used story telling as a means to attract children to learning and listening in class.

Learning Creatively
Learning Creatively
  • Using story sessions as rewards and not punishment, a crowd of unruly children can be made to settle down and gradually learn to behave themselves.

  • Over a period of time, children can be introduced to reading through storybooks, by building a small library in each class.

  • Similarly, children can be taught history through stories. This will help inculcate in them a sense of courage and bravery and respect for elders.

  • Along with stories, games and play is another form of learning. Apart from physical development (motor skills), games help learn discipline (following the rules of a system), team work, etc.

From the project ‘Operation Blackboard’ by D.A.V Girls Senior Secondary School, Chennai

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