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How do Nails Grow?

How do Nails Grow?

Put your hands face down and look at the fingernails on your hand. Are they long or short? Dirty? Covered with polish? And the nails on your toes? Are they tearing up your socks? When my nails do that to my socks I know that it is time to get hold of a nail trimmer to cut them down to size. Meanwhile, my sister wants to show hers off. So she spends hours every day polishing her nails endlessly....

Why is Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Why is Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Here’s a quiz question: what is curly or straight and needs to be combed, brushed, plaited or twisted? It is gelled, shampooed, dyed, coloured black, blonde, white, red, brown and needs to be cut once in a while. A hint – the answer is above your head – it’s your hair! Each time you pass by a mirror, the one thing that strikes you is the hair on your head. Hair is something that grows by itself without any help....

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