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Easter's Here

Easter's Here

Go out into the market on Easter and you cannot miss the Easter egg on the shop counter – filled with sweets and chocolates, it is irresistible. Several people also paint eggs or emboss chocolate eggs with sugar flowers to gift to friends and relatives. But what is Easter? Easter Sunday falls on the Sunday after Good Friday and on this day Easter eggs are available in the market – that is what most of us know....

Decorate Eggs for Easter

Decorate Eggs for Easter

Don’t let this Easter pass by without enjoying an egg rolling competition. And for more fun, decorate the eggs. The things you need: Paints Paint brushes Wool Coloured paper Scissors Glue Step 1: Pierce the egg at one end and drain the egg white and the yolk. You will have a hollow egg shell to decorate. Decorate Eggs for Easter [Illustrations by Shinod AP] Step 2: Paint the egg in colourful patterns and gift it to your friends....

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