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How Did Santa Claus Originate?

How Did Santa Claus Originate?

Its nearly midnight and with a jingle of bells a sled comes streaking from the north, pulled of course by Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Sitting in the sled is a jolly round red robed figure with flowing white beard and a bag slung over his shoulder that lands on the rooftop with a merry ho-ho-ho. Hey! Its Christmas and its Santa Claus. If you’ve been nice, he slides down the chimney and loads up little stockings hung there with lots of toys and goodies....

A Surprise On Christmas

Jimmy and Jenny were very excited. It was Christmas Eve and they were busy hanging their stockings at the end of their beds. “You must go to sleep quickly,” said mother, “because Santa Claus won’t come until you are fast asleep.” So Jenny and Jimmy jumped into bed and shut their eyes. It wasn’t before long that they were both fast asleep and dreaming. Then even the grown-ups went to sleep. The lights were turned out and the house was dark....

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