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What are Q-Tips?

What are Q-Tips?

Everbody has used this product at some time or other in some form or other. Sometimes it is used to clean the wax from your ears, and sometimes to clean dust from delicate instruments. Many kick themselves for not patenting it when they knew about it. So what are Q-Tips? It is such a simple silly thingummy – a piece of thick plastic or cardboard with cotton wrapped at each end! Q-Tips are today, a registered trademark of Chesebrough-Ponds, Inc, USA....

The Unbreakable Match

The Unbreakable Match

The Unbreakable Match [Illustrations by Shiju George] All you need is: One handkerchief with a hem. Two wooden matches or toothpicks. Step 1: Hide a toothpick in the hem of a handkerchief. Display the handkerchief, and several other toothpicks you have brought with you. Then, have a volunteer point to one of the toothpicks. Step 2: Pick up the toothpick they chose, place it in the center of the handkerchief, and roll the handkerchief up with the chosen toothpick in its center....

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