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The Colours of Light

The Colours of Light

A beam of light seems to have no colour. Actually, it is made up of coloured rays. Usually, these coloured rays combine to form the white light. But it is possible to see the different colours at certain times. For instance, when it rains and the sun’s rays pass through raindrops. Since the raindrop has many sides or surfaces, the rays split up into a fanshape of different colours. And we see the rainbow. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red....

The Tree is an Invisible Heater

The Tree is an Invisible Heater

Have you ever noticed that bare winter tree in your garden, in the park or in school? Without leaves the tree looks so cold and dry, but surprise of surprises, it keeps the grass below warm. So much so that the tiny blades never get any frost on them. In contrast, grass in parks without trees to protect them are usually in white frosty disguise in winters. Why is that so? You would never believe it but that leafless tree acts like a heater to the grass below....

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