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Whose River?

This is a true story. Villages around the famous tiger reserve of Sariska in Rajasthan, had always faced droughts and water shortages. So the villagers, along with an NGO, decided to build small check dams called johads to trap rainwater. The men and women of all the villages gave voluntary labour and even contributed their own money to build...

The Vultures are Dying

Portrait of a Vulture
What's all this hullabaloo about 'making connections'? You must wonder why Gobar Times harps on 'making connections'. Another favourite mantra is - 'be informed'. Such boring stuff, isn't it? No tree-plantings, painting competitions, 'queez'. No 'Save the cuddly leopards'. Instead, we're asking you to spare a thought for the bald, wrinkled, smelly vulture.The vultures of Keoladeo National Park in...

How Green is Your School?

Here's a little check - list from the New Delhi based children's newspaper Gobar Times, to rate your school.Getting ThereOptimum use of the school bus fleet: School bus routes should cover a lot of area, with the fleet picking up as many students as possible.Car pooling: This is quite a workable idea today. Students coming to school from the...

The Flood

Where: New Delhi, IndiaEvery day, Indian newspapers carry reports that large parts of Bihar, Bengal and north-east India are flooded, causing loss to human and animal lives, and property. This happens year after year. What is the reason for these floods? An indepth report from 'Gobar Times', a children's magazine on the environment brought out by the...