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Why do Dogs and Cats Eat Grass?

A very sick dog: Why do dogs and cats eat grass?
Cats and dogs sometimes eat grass or leaves. Have you ever wondered why these non-vegetarians should be interested in vegetarian food?It has been found that dogs and cats use certain kinds of grass and leaves as medicine. So, if you find your pet cat is nibbling grass, it might be ill.But, not always. It is possible that the cat...

Do Bananas Grow on Trees?

A banana plant
You think bananas grow on trees? Wrong. They don't, because the banana tree is actually a plant. It is probably the largest plant in the world.To know more, look at the banana trunk. Is it wood? No. There are layers of skin placed in circles. These layers are actually the lower ends of banana leaves. In other words, the...

Why are Moths Attracted to Light?

A beautiful Luna Moth (Actias luna) on purple clematis flowers.
Have you seen moths zoom into a flame and die? It looks as if they are pulled by some unseen force.It is an unseen force that attracts the moth -- the ultraviolent light in the flame, which is invisible to humans. The moth finds it irresistible. It is driven to the light by its mating instinct.Ultraviolet vision helps moths...

Scales for Safety

Scales of a carp fish
When you go swimming in the river, you are told to be careful about the rocks, as you may bruise yourself if you hit against them.But, fish swim in the water all the time. Through cracks and crevices in rocks inside the water, and between the branches of thorny water plants. They do not get bruised so easily.And its...

How do they Make an Igloo?

How do they Make an Igloo?
To many of us, building a house of ice doesn't sound too good. One might wake up from a good night's sleep to see it melted. All these things don't matter to Eskimos, who live in north Canada, Greenland and Alaska. They build igloos or houses of ice knowing that they will not melt. At least, not till winter...

Can Fish Lay Eggs in the Mouth?

Jawfish (Opistognathidae) are paternal mouthbrooders.
There is a kind of fish which does not use its mouth for just eating. It keeps eggs in its mouth instead of its stomach. And, it is the male fish which does it, not the female.Jawfish (Opistognathidae) are paternal mouthbrooders. Mouthbrooding, also known as oral incubation, is the care given a parent by holding its offspring in its...

Why Mother’s Day?

Why have a particular day to tell your mother that you love her and respect her, some of us might ask.Why indeed? We could do that everyday.Right. We could.But, do we?So, is it such a bad idea to have a day to honour mothers? After all, we have specific days to honour freedom fighters, leaders or other heroes. And...

The Gardener Bird

Regent Bowerbird up close
Look at this nest. Doesn't it remind you of a hut? It is built by a bird with an appropriate name. It is called the gardener bird. It works hard at building its house and decorating it.And, after building the house, it makes a garden around it.The gardener bird likes colourful objects. So, its house is always surrounded with...

Antlers: A Deer Story

Antlers: A deer story
Trees shed leaves in autumn and snakes shed their skin once a year. In the same way, deer shed their antlers every year. Yes, those huge branches on antlers grow fresh every year. At any given point of time, a deer's antlers will not be more than a year old.It is always the male deer which has antlers, except...

A Lizard that Squirts Blood from its Eyes

The horned lizard is popularly called a "horned toad" or "horned frog", yet it is neither a toad nor a frog.
Are you scared of lizards? There is no need to be unless you come face to face with one kind, called the Horned Lizard. It sprays blood from its eyes, and may just make you jump a bit.Not all time. Only when it feels threatened.Surprisingly, the Horned Toad or the Horned Lizard, found in North America and Mexico, is...