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Val Stone, a Devon, UK,-based pensioner has made the world’s largest crocheted blanket and plans to sell it to raise money for a cancer fund.

Stone, a leukaemia patient, has spent 11 years making the blanket, which is larger than a tennis court.

The blanket measures about 24 metres by 8 metres when stretched out and weighs about 90 kilograms.

World's Largest Blanket
World’s Largest Blanket [Illustration by Shinod AP]
She hopes to raise £3,000 (Rs. 206,322) for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund by selling pieces of the blanket for between £10 (Rs. 687) and £25 (Rs. 1,719).

Though she will be sorry to see the blanket go, Stone said she is happy that it will help the new leukaemia unit in getting what it needs.

“I decided I wanted to help people suffering from leukaemia because I still get treatment for the illness myself. I’m hoping to get a lot of money from the sale of the blanket,” she was quoted as saying in a report.

The blanket, which is recognised by Guinness World Records, is a combination of squares, all different from each other. “Every square is different. No-one has been able to spot two of the same yet,” she was quoted as saying.