Getting Bored – Read This [Illustration by Anup Singh]
Getting Bored – Read This [Illustration by Anup Singh]

Pooja Desai studies in Class IX at Jasudben M L School in Mumbai. Here she writes for all those who are getting bored and have nothing to do.

If you have nothing to do at all, think what you would like to do, watch tv, drink water, go to see a movie, sleep, read or nothing of this sort.

If you still have nothing to do read this. Even then if you don’t like it, think what you like.

If you don’t want to do anything at all, go for a holiday outside your city. Even if you go out and are bored there, too, comeback and again read this essay.

If you find this a real bore then why read it? But it doesn’t matter if you don’t read this, because it’s as boring as it might be, just now even if you are not bored.

You could join some classes like table tennis, swimming, drawing classes, singing, dancing, skating, badminton, basketball, tennis, etc.

I don’t like to join these classes and further more I don’t have time to join these classes because I do nothing before the time they start, and I take a ‘cat nap’. (Only for those who are sleepy, if you are not, then try them).

Some examples are I could have joined table tennis classes, but too bad, it was too late to give the form, and now I don’t want to join it.

The swimming coaching camp has already started so I can’t go there either, anyway, I already know the basics of swimming and I don’t like swimming too much, except for that its a good exercise.

The drawing class is quite near to my place, but I already know how to draw, and I don’t like drawing and I don’t want to draw at all! (This is only for people who are weak in drawing), (just an excuse for not drawing).

First of all I hate singing except for some songs. But truly speaking, I can’t sing at all. So even if I like singing, I can’t sing, and, if I could sing, I don’t like it.

Dancing is tiring. I cannot run for 5 minutes at a stretch, how will I dance for 10 minutes? Anyway I can’t dance on classical music or on ‘filmi’ songs because they are hopelessly dumb.

Again, skating, it’s quite near to my place but the problem is how to get there alone? I can’t go in the bus and I don’t like to go in an auto, and of course,  I can’t drive car how is it possible to reach there?

Anyhow, I can learn skating, but the problem is I have no interest in it, so why should I? (This line is for those who cannot balance themselves).

Ah! badminton is a nice game, try it. It’s my best game, but I don’t have time to play, because I like to read books, watch tv and eat snacks for a long time.

So again I sleep at that time (4-5 pm), because my favourite serial comes in the afternoon and after that, I don’t like to take a nap at all. (that really bugs me).

If I sleep at 4-5 pm, I can’t sleep at night, and I don’t like to sleep late, because if I sleep late, I get up late in the morning, the next day and the whole cycle continues again and again. (That’s really really boring).

Basketball helps to make us tall. As I am a little short, I like to play it. But I can only play it once a year, in my vacations. But if I don’t go to the place how will I play it?

Tennis, I don’t like the game so I don’t think about it at all. So I won’t bug you by writing all kinds of things about it.

After reading all this if you still don’t have anything to do just phone a friend on your phone (of course), but the friend might be as bored as you so he/she may not even bother to talk to you!

Or you can watch tv. Preferably the most dumbest serials possible. One tv IQ talk. Some serials have the same actors, hence we can’t make out which serial is going on.

Same story, same dialogues, same music, same singer, same songs, same music director, similar sounding titles, different channels. Sometimes I wonder if a character wakes up and says, sorry, that’s in my other serial, but the same director and producer are so bored, they don’t realise this.

And same with cartoons. All show some characters bashing up others, in fun. Everybody’s supposed to laugh at them hitting each other, and getting out of shape after getting runover by road rollers, etc.  But the dangerous  violence is ignored. But anyway, that’s supposed to be children’s entertainment.

If you still have no work, play. But as you know, ‘no work and all play makes Jack a tired boy’, so better ‘work up your brain’.

If you still cannot think of anything, go for a movie (only if the film is sensible), if it’s not sensible go to the beach (if you have one near your place).

If you don’t have a beach near your area/suburb or you don’t like it you better go to a restaurant to give you the power to think. And if you still don’t like the idea, better go to bed, and think of something, which you like, for God’s sake!

Look, if you don’t like anything in the world, play a tabla or guitar or a Casio or a sitar, or whatever you feel like, if you know how to play it , and want to play it ,and like to play it, e.g., I like to play the tabla, but I don’t have practise, I would like to play the violin, but I have lost interest in it. Same thing with guitar and sitar.

PS. Even if you don’t know how to play any thing, play it how you would like to play it, and eat every one’s head off and keeping them busy to!

If you don.t like anything of this sort also, you can play prank on somebody who takes it lightly (of course).

If you are a wise guy sort of a person then my advice to you is, don’t try anything of the type, because, naturally you wouldn’t know how to prank around with somebody when you don’t know how to prank, and secondly you don’t want to do it.

‘Read and let read’ for those who are very serious, read till your head aches and then have a pain killer which helps to doze off, e.g., I just love to read to search and find answers for solved mysteries myself, and I would love to take up re-search (got it) re—search? And then I doze off automatically.

‘Write and write’ for those who want to be journalists and writers. E.g., me. Although I don’t want to become a journalist or a reporter or any one like that, I write really crack things to bore you more, like by writing this.

PS. Actually speaking I hate to write because sometimes my handwriting is so bad that I myself don’t understand what I wrote.

By chance you don’t know how to read and write then listen to music like ‘I’m gonna pack my bags and leave this town going to Ibiza’, but how? Getting the ticket is so difficult! And songs like ‘be what you want to be’, but what to be, any way we don’t know what to do now, what will we do when we’ll grow up? Sheesh! And that, too, it’s an advertisement jingle for a white rum.

Further more, I often think about crazy things when I am extremely, terribly, horribly, extensively bored.

For example, I often think, when the temperature outside is so hot, so hot, so hot (Can’t repeat the words above), the water from the tap is incredibly hot even though the water is covered from top and all sides, and we like hell are perspiring and crying out for coolness, what will happen if the temperature is 100 degree celsius? I get the answer as ‘we will fry’.

Now, when I know that we will fry when the temperature is 100 degree celsius so why do I ask it any way?

Anyway, I don’t know exactly what will happen to us at that temperature then why worry at all? This is just the beginning of it. Secondly, if at all it is 100 degree celsius, the water has to evaporate, and when it evaporates rapidly, it has to come down.

When it comes down, guess what, it is 100 percent relative humidity, so, it’s good news for people who may not have fried up yet! (That was sick, wasn’t it?).

If you still have some funnier thoughts in your mind, don’t fry them, just eat more. But still if you don’t have work go to the airport and see the planes fly off and comedown.

At least you will think that you are in the aircraft and going off to see the world. (Don’t get scared if the cop turns up, just say you love planes, but don’t try this if you become airsick).

See today is such a boring day that I hate it. In fact I feel like hating every thing in the world. I hate my self because there is no way I can entertain myself. But I love to laugh like a mad person for no reason at all. I also like to laugh on my own jokes, and make others laugh too.

But if you still have nothing, nothing at all to do then write such a thing like this one, and worse, read somebody’s.

If you don’t like to write anything then sit on the computer like I do. But I don’t like the computer so much, so much that I do not wish to write about it.

I just can’t think of anything else, I am so bored.

I love to argue, fight etc with somebody but with whom should I fight?

Nobody is bothered and may be everybody is as bored as I am. (Only for those who have not joined any classes).

What to do, what to do?

I am bored writing this thing because I have nothing else to write-mein kya karu or what should I do?

One line on us about holidays, on one hand we are happy that, ‘wow now no more studies’ and on the other hand, ‘oh no, what are we going to do these holidays, such a long journey . to the next future’!

Now that I am feeling more bored than before, I am writing more nonsense than usual. Did you know when the relative humidity is 100 percent, it rains? I only knew it a year before. That was because that time I was not so bored and I did not bother to read books at all.

Why do archeologists break up old artifacts when they themselves want to preserve it?

Why is it that we get bored?

Now, we know why archeologists break old artifacts, and why we get bored, so if somebody wants to find a stranger answer for it, or even has it, then he/she is a genius.

See, when you read this, there are so many good things related

  1. You know what to do when you don’t know what to do and how to do when you can’t even think to do the unimpossible things you don’t know
    2. Why should we do something?
  2. We know why we feel bored, because it is boring
  3. It’s a fantastic pass time.
  4. It’s total humour.
  5. It’s only meant for people who want to do something or the other but don’t know what to do.
    7.You can now guess how unlucky a person can be.

So now, I hope everyone knows what to do or what can be done when you feel bored. That is, read this essay to cheer you up, although it is as dull as reading a history book.

And I’m told history repeats itself. How boring.

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