Where have the good old days
Of my country been swept away?
Why is it that Indians, I feel.
Are proud no longer of their country today.

Where is the leadership of Gandhi
That had kept us united, from dusk till dawn?
Where has the sacrifice of Netaji
That inspired millions gone?

Good Old Days [ First Published in NBT's Bulletin-Oct,97]
Good Old Days [ First Published in NBT’s Bulletin-Oct,97]

Where is the idealism of Nehru
That enthralled the east and west?
Where is the dynamism of Patel
That had no time to rest?

Where is Gupta’s golden age?
Where is Ashoka’s peace?

When will this country rise again?
When will this turmoil cease?

Yet, all is not lost, for it is
From the past that we learn.
And maybe if we all try hard,
Those good old days shall return.

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