Once upon a time there was a person who loved to paint. His name was Ankit. One day he made a painting. He loved it so much that he made it his masterpiece.

That night when he slept, an angel came and blessed his painting that it should come alive.

He was always lonely. He always wanted a companion to talk to and share his work and secrets. Next morning when he woke up he heard some sounds near his painting. When he looked at the painting he was shocked that it was talking! He thought that his wish had come true.

The Magic Painting [Illustrations by D. K. Sharma]
The Magic Painting [Illustrations by D. K. Sharma]

In the painting he had made a man who talked and a flower which grew and needed water to live. The man also needed food, water and warmth. The news of the magic painting spread all over the world. It even came in newspapers and in the news on TV.

One night a thief came to steal the painting. The moment he came in front of the painting it shouted and said, Help! Help, a thief! The thief got scared and ran for his life. Luckily the police was nearby. The police ran after the thief. They said stop or we will shoot. The thief stopped and surrendered. He was arrested for trying to steal the painting.

In the court the judge gave the decision that the culprit be fined for Rs. 3000 plus a two year stay in the prison.

From then onwards Ankit was careful about the painting. He always kept it under security in his house.

One day the painting said that it wanted to be married. Then Ankit had to make a female painting. He made both the paintings marry and live happily ever after. His loneliness was also cured forever.

The Magic Painting [Illustrations by D. K. Sharma]
The Magic Painting [Illustrations by D. K. Sharma]

First published in N. B. T’s Bulletin, Nov-98

321 words | 3 minutes
Readability: Grade 3 (8-9 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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