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Where: Kathmandu, Nepal

February 16, 2009 : Three Nepalese brothers, Pemba Dorje Sherpa, Nima Gyalzen and Phurba Tenzing plan to stay on Mt. Everest for 24 hours to establish a new world record. The current record is 20 hours on the peak. Between them the brothers have made 16 ascents to the top, mostly as climbing guides. Two more of their brothers have climbed the peak as well.

“We won’t sleep. We will pray 24 hours,” Pemba says. The will have with them a 30cm statue of the Buddha, which they say they will leave on the top in a glass box. When asked about the dangers of their planned exploit, Pemba said, “It’s a risk but it’s not so dangerous.” They will carry all kinds of equipment, including ropes, and a tent, which they will pitch after making a hole in the snow.

The trip, the brothers said, is for “record and reputation”. Their team of helpers, including cooks, will climb not above the South Col (7,900 m/26,000 ft). The Sherpa brothers begin their expedition on April 1, 2009 and plan to reach the summit some time in May. While Pemba admitted he couldn’t say what the weather would be like, he added, “There will be no problem with snow and wind. We’re prepared.”