My dream of India in the 22nd century shows water of our five great rivers of the north, harnessed into one great canal, which in turn, distributes water to every corner of the country.
I dream that our future generations will never have to face the agony of a flood or drought. In fact, farmers would probably have capsules which when sown alongwith seeds, will collect water from the atmosphere like the nitrogen fixing bacteria. Maybe these capsules will react with soil chemicals to produce h2o!

Most of the land in India is under cultivation. We have, in fact, begun to produce excess foodgrain. But unfortunately, due to improper storage, rodents, moisture and fungus spoil the grain, so much so that almost half of it goes waste!

A peep into the future of food
A peep into the future of food

I feel that the future will see the storage of foodgrain in airtight rooms with dehumidifiers. In fact, with the mapping of the human gene already accomplished, I am very sure we will soon have genetically engineered crops that produce rodent and fungus resistant foodgrain!

One other problem that bothers our country is the unequal distribution of food. The greedy farmer will throw foodgrain into the sea for increasing prices but will never think of giving it away for free to the very poor. I feel that when our rural people educated they will be able to raise their voice against such corruption.

I am feeling sick today! I have been eating ladies fingers consecutively for two days. Complaining to my mother only resulted in a lecture – of how the farmers can only grow a few varieties of crops in a season.

I thought about this. “Why can’t we have short term crops,” I wondered. For instance, the farmer grows rice only in the summer and rainy months. In the rest of the year only kharif crops can be cultivated. If only we had seeds that produced crops quickly, mature and yield good quality grain in a short time! In the future this will surely be a reality. And I won’t have to eat ladies fingers so often!

From the project ‘The great staples of India which staple us all Indians’ by Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Navi Mumbai

(c) Rajarshi MITRA.
(c) Rajarshi MITRA.

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