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Creating News to Cover News

Creating News to Cover News

August 12: Throughout the world, the media’s hold on the minds of people is increasing day by day. We are often asked not to believe everything we see on television or read in the newspaper. But so compelling are the words and pictures that these media use, that it’s hard not to.

US Navy Rescue Mission Recaptures Ship, Frees Captain From Somali Pirates

Where: Mogadishu, Somalia April 13, 2009 : Somalian pirates captured the MV Maersk Alabama, an American cargo ship which was carrying 5,000 tonnes of United Nations emergency relief supplies to Kenya. The crew managed to regain control of the ship, but pirates captured the Captain and escaped with him as hostage on a lifeboat.

The Fearless Doctor

The Fearless Doctor

Where: Jolo Island, Philippines July 1, 2000: She has dared to go where most of us wouldn’t. She went inside the jungles of southern Philippines where an armed group of people was holding 21 people, as hostages.

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