Recycled Telephone Books [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
Recycled Telephone Books [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

Telephone diaries, address books, origami, notepads…there are numerous uses for rough paper. Don’t discard your old notebooks with unused paper. Here is something useful you can make.

The things you need:

  1. Unused paper and cover from an old notebook.
  2. Stapler
  3. Glue
  4. Velvet paper
  5. Blade
  6. Scissors

Step 1: Tear out at least 14 pages of unused paper from the notebooks. If they are of unequal sizes, then even them out.

Step 2: Fold the pages into half and staple them together in the centre. Trim away a portion of the vertical edge of each page, except the first two and the last, as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Fill out the first page with details like your name, address, telephone number and blood group. On the second page you can have important telephone numbers.

Now, write one letter of the alphabet, in sequence, on each page.

Step 4: Stick the stapled stack to the centre of the binding of the old notebook cover.

Cover the notebook with velvet paper and decorate it if you wish! Your telephone diary is ready. By altering the size of the paper, you can make the diary of a desired size.

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