Khushboo Banka is a IX standard student of MB Girls High School, Calcutta. Here, she puts forth her views about Mother Earth.

The Final Verdict [Illustration by Shinod AP]
The Final Verdict [Illustration by Shinod AP]

Beyond the horizon, stands Mother Nature waiting for the final verdict – her destruction. She is serving a life-term of millions of years and she is sentensed by her own children. Yes, us Humans.

A few million years ago, when Nature became the mother of thousands of living things, she had not thought that her own children will become her murderers. But how can her children forget that without her they would not survive either? If she dies, who will take care of them? Where will they go? How will they breathe? Will they try to change their destiny?

One thing is for sure. If if she dies, they die too. Because a child is incomplete without its mother. She did not think these things when she became a mother. She was so happy then, but now she regrets it.

Even after creating all the beautiful things, the earth seemed incomplete to her. So she created different kind of toys and put life into them. Soon, she made her masterpiece – humans – and gifted them with brains. The brain gave the humans supremacy over all living beings. So, she taught them to use their unique gift for the benefit of all her creations. But, slowly man became greedy for power and hungered for supremacy. This spelled Doom for all.

Now, Mother Nature stands with her head hanging, ready for it to be cut off. She is sobbing with pain and grieving over the destruction of the rest of her children by her dearest child. If only she could change it all…

Let’s make a vow together, today, that we won’t let our Mother shed a single tear, again…ever again.

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