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February 6, 2009 : Lim Ding Wen, a fourth grade student in Singapore, is an expert at six programming languages. He first used a computer when he was aged two! His ‘Doodle Kids’ is a painting program for Apple’s iPhone. The program’s users can draw with their fingers on the touchscreen. And all it takes to clear the screen is a little shake. ‘Doodle Kids’ has been downloaded over 4000 times from the iTunes store in two weeks.

Lim says he wrote the program for his little sisters, aged three and five, because they like to draw. He is now working on a science fiction game called ‘Invader Wars’, also for iPhone. His father, a chief technology officer with a Singapore firm, also writes iPhone applications. Father and son compete every evening over statistics to see who has had more downloads.

The iPhone was launched by Apple Inc. in 2007. It is a multimedia smartphone with a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard.

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