This frog may not be a prince, but he is certainly charming! So be ready to be wooed by this jumpimg jack’s charm.

The Frog Prince
The Frog Prince [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

The things you need:
1. Paper plate
2. Green and black paint

3. Brush
4. Scissors
5. Red felt paper
6. Green and white chart paper
7. Glue

Step 1: Paint the paper plate green. When it’s thoroughly dry, fold the plate in half.

Step 2: Cut out a 3 x 7 inch ‘tongue’ from the red felt paper. Stick it on the centre of the fold.

Step 3: For eyes, cut out a pair of 1 x 2 inch white rectangles and round the upper edges. Fold each rectangle in half and glue the lower portion to the top of the plate. Add black eyeballs with black paint.

Step 4: Cut frog legs out of green chart paper, a shorter set for the front, and a long, bent pair for the back.

Your frog prince is ready to take a long leap and charm all your friends.