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Why does Cutting Onions Make us Cry?

Why does cutting onions make us cry?
If you cut an onion, you begin crying. Have you ever wondered why this happens -- why onions make tears run down your face?Well, onions contain a oil, which has lots of sulphur in it. When you cut the onion, this oil is released. It evaporates very fast. When the oil gases reach your eyes, it causes irritation and...

Insect which Swims on Its Back

The backswimmers can stay under water for about six hours, by holding air between the wings and the body.
Swimmers, who are in a lazy mood and want to relax, prefer floating on their backs. Did you know that there is a bug that swims on its back? It is called the Backswimmer. It is about 0.13 to 0.63 inches long.Unlike many other insects who use their wings for this purpose, the backswimmers make use of their hind...

Mother and Child in the Animal Kingdom

It is a familiar scene in real life and in movies. In a group of 100 excited lambs, an ewe, or female sheep, has no problems picking out her lamb. She does this through the sense of smell. More than one million animal species live on our planet and the females of the species recognise their young ones through smell,...

Different Colours of Honey

Different colors of honey
Honey comes in a variety of colours, flavours and fragrances. While some are amber, others are red, brown or yellow. Have you ever wondered why the honey made by the same bees have different colours?Simple. It is made from different kinds of nectar, or the juice that the bees suck out of flowers. Different flowers have different kinds of...

Can a Fish be an Amphibian?

Mudskipper fish
The fish actually looks like it was cursed by a fairy to turn into a frog and the curse stopped working half way! It is called the mudskipper. Because it lives in swamps and estuaries with mud banks. An estuary is a place where a river meets the sea.It can crawl and jump over land too. It actually has...

Tail Language

A dog wagging its tail
When you pat your pet dog, he wags his tail. That is his way of saying that he loves you. And, if you pay attention, you will see that he uses his tail to say so many things. Every movement of the tail means a different thing.If the dog is wagging its tail, it is a sign of friendliness,...

The Fish Which Changes From Female to Male

Blackspot Angelfish: A tropical marine fish
There is a fish called the blackspot angelfish, which can change from female to male. No, it cannot do it by simply wishing to become male. The change happens for a specific reason.The angel fish live in groups. And each group has one male fish, which is blue in colour, and four female fish, which are yellow in colour.The...

Does a Sloth Live its Entire Life Upside Down?

Does a Sloth live its entire life upside down?
Imagine living your entire life upside down. Sounds impossible? Well, it is not impossible for a sloth.The sloth is a mammal which lives in South America. It spends most of its life on trees in an upside down position.Unbelievable, but true. Sloths eat, sleep, make babies and even give birth to their young ones in this position! But, don't...

The Spectacled Bear

Spectacled bear, also known as the Andean bear
Many of us wear glasses when we have problems with eyesight. But, have you ever heard of bears with glasses? No, not the bears who appear on the Cartoon Network on TV. Real bears.There is a kind of bear which lives in the forests of South America. It is called the 'spectacled bear,' or the Tremarctos Ornatus.It has white...

Birds Which Eat Their Feathers

When preening, grebes eat their own feathers, and feed them to their young.
We all know that birds use their feathers to line their nests. But have you ever heard of a bird eating its own feathers?It is a bird which lives in water and is called the great crested grebe. It eats its own feathers and feeds them to her young ones too. And, it always prefers soft feathers, which it...